Ashley Wade

Founder and Executive Director

If you took all of the good qualities a person could have and mixed them together you would get Ashley. Ashley is as kind, caring, and genuine as a person can get. While battling her own illness, working part time, and attending college full time, she finds a way to bring happiness to so many children who are suffering from an illness. Her passion and determination is contagious.

Alexandra Riebl

Alexandra is Ashley's best friend. She makes everything look easy. Nothing is too hard for Alexandra and she will always drop everything to help. Alexandra is pure and honest. With Alexandra's big heart and devotion we can do anything. When Alexandra isn't working for the foundation she loves to watch her brother Chris play hockey and spend time with her family.



Dianne has an Accounting degree and an MBA. In recent years Dianne has worked as an Auditor and Treasurer for a number of school districts on Long Island. In January Dianne will be joining National Asset Management as a Financial Consultant. When Dianne isn't working or busy with her two children, she has enjoyed being a softball coach, religion teacher and a member of various PTAs, including two years as the Massapequa Jr/Sr. PTA Treasurer. We are so lucky to have Dianne on our team!

Melissa Weinstein

Because Melissa witnessed her own daughter, Paige's illness as an infant she always felt the need to offer help to families in similar situations. Finding The Ashley Wade Foundation awarded her this desire. Melissa loves spending time with her husband, Neal and their three children: Taylor, Paige and Cole. Melissa's ideas for the foundation are boundless. Her passion and dedication is inspiring and we are so lucky to have Melissa on our team.

Noreen Wade

Noreen is Ashley's mom. She has been with Ashley every step of the way through her diagnosis and treatments. Noreen is always looking for new ways to help the children and their families. She assists us with our fundraisers, and with the day to day operations of the foundation. Her determination and persistence always keeps us on track. With Noreen's help, we know we will be able to enrich the lives of so many children!

Lauren Kiefer-Foley

Lauren is mom to our Superstar Jack. As a mother of a child with a serious medical condition Lauren knows firsthand what it's like to be a parent of a sick child and what its like to spend a lot of time in the hospital. Lauren helps us to understand the parent's perspective and is helping us to develop a program to help support the parent's of children with chronic illnesses. Her enthusiasm and passion to support our mission will positively affect the lives of many families.

Eileen Tumminello

Eileen started volunteering with the Ashley Wade Foundation in 2013 and is thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful cause. She went to Binghamton University and spent over 13 years working in Human Resources. She is currently a stay at home mom to her three children and lives in Massapequa, NY with her family. We are honored to have Eileen as a board member.

Susan Gillespie

Susan is mom to Superstar Dylan who bravely battles Crohn's Disease. She is the first person to offer words of encouragement, and a helping hand. Her determination and creativity will allow us to bring happiness to more Superstar families. We are honored and lucky to work along side Susan. With Susan's passion, we will do amazing things.

Christina Marie Leonard


(Christina Marie Photos and Designs)

Christina is our wonderful photographer who volunteers her time to come to all of our events and fundraisers. Her generosity and enthusiasm speaks volumes about her care and concern for helping others. The Ashley Wade foundation is lucky to have her on our team!

Nicole Buccheri

Web Designer

Nicole started volunteering with the Ashley Wade Foundation in 2015 and is happy to help spread awareness of the Ashley Wade Foundation through one of her favorite hobbies, web design. She is currently persuing her MBA in Technology Management from SUNY Polytechnic Institute while working in Accounting at a New York City law firm. Nicole is very happy to be on board!